PaymentNetworks provides sellers with a merchant account

A merchant account is actually a bank account that permits a business to process and accept credit and debit card purchasing. Payment Networks is an online payment processor providing merchant account to every single e-vender. Today, these accounts are essential for various companies and for online transactions. Merchant accounts are also of different types for different businesses.

Previously, merchant account administration cost somewhere in the range of hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly. Presently, it is conceivable to obtain a merchant account installment processing and notice administrations for significantly less than one hundred dollars for each month. Reforms in these merchant administrations have made it feasible for entrepreneurs to flourish their online business.

That is the reason why PaymentNetworks is the easiest and the fastest way to get a merchant account.

Accept 100 currencies with PaymentNetworks’s merchant account

Using Payment Networks’s merchant account, sellers can benefit from many diverse advantages.

Sellers can enjoy affordable prices and a very simple set up on their online shop. Also, sellers can now spread their products and services around the world. Payment Networks enables sellers to receive money in about 100 currencies and payments from more than 34 different countries; for instance Poland, Croatia or even the Faroe Islands. As a result, the number of clients increases an so does the sales. Foreign customers do not like to think about the conversion process so they usually cancel their purchase when they see that the website does not allow to pay in their own currency. However, using Payment Networks, they will have the opportunity to pay without being worried because the payment provider will make the transaction easy and transfer the money to the seller’s merchant account.

Clients are satisfied thanks to PaymentNetworks’s
merchant account

The PaymentNetworks makes the procedure of application and installation simple for you. It benefits consumer loyalty, and in this manner, it makes each exchange as easy as workable for both, merchant and the buyer. To be more precise, PaymentNetworks has built up an application-programming interface (API) that is particular to its installment procedure. This API must be incorporated into the online shop if the merchant needs to receive credit card payments.

It is extremely easy to connect it. That is the reason the customers will be satisfied to process payments with Payment Networks.

The buyers will be encouraged by the “One-Stop Shop” method. To be sure the most serious issue, when you pay on the web, is the security of exchanges since you generally need to move starting with one page then onto the next to process your payment. With Payment Networks, the customer does not need to be diverted to the supplier’s site when he wants to pay, because of the PaymentNetworks API. The customer will stay in the online shop and feel better to spend there. So on the off chance that you need a fulfilled customer base and in the event that you have to expand your deals through PaymentNetworks, Get started now by signing up as a merchant today!.

PCI DSS compliant

PaymentNetworks Gateway is a PCI DSS Compliant. We are committed to achieve the highest standards in the way we conduct our business and manage our payment solutions and services in a global market.

Easy API Integration

PaymentNetworks Gateway API is the easiest and one of the most convenient api when it comes to integration with any website as the plug and play, DirectAPI make it very easy to integrate in few minutes.

Need Assistance?

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