Requirements on Accounts

Below are the minimum requirements to own a merchant account at

  • account must never be used for illegal purposes: Merchants must never use the Visa card/ account number to refinance existing debts or as a payment for a debt deemed as uncollectible (i.e., recover funds for a dishonored check).
  • account must not be used for depositing transactions: For a business that does not have a valid merchant agreement is called laundering. Laundering is not allowed; it is a form of fraud associated with high chargeback rates and the potential for accommodating illegal activity.
  • Merchant must keep cardholder account numbers and personal information confidential. Cardholders expect you to safeguard any personal or financial information they may give you in the course of a transaction. Keeping that trust is essential to fraud reduction and good customer service. Cardholder account numbers and other personal information should be released only to your acquirer or processor, or as specifically required by law.
  • Your website must communicate its Refund Policy to the cardholder in either of the following locations:
  • In the sequence of pages before final checkout, with a “click to accept” or other acknowledgement button, checkbox, or location for an electronic signature, or
  • On the checkout screen, near the “submit or click to accept button


Signup with means that your business agrees to abide by the operating regulations established by the card credit brand Learn more about Visa Rules and Regulations.

Disabled account due to incorrect information will immediately disable the merchant account if found merchant selling any illegal items or if / found the merchant information is inaccurate. If any information if entered incorrectly please contact