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PaymentNetworks is one of the most competitive and efficient payment processing means to transfer the payments. We provide ISOs and Acquirers a strong competitive advantage using innovative payment processing solutions. We offer amazing solutions for the merchants that fulfill their processing desires and fit them properly. The amazing features include the availability of different languages and the currency modes.

Take the advantage of foreign Spending and multiple currency Solutions

According to a survey, more than 60 Million travelers visited to United States in 2010. They spent about $134 Billion. Among them, one average spending is five times as compared to the domestic travelers. These travelers create a big and profitable market for the US merchants. Previously, all these foreign transaction benefits were availed by the card issuing companies while the cardholder tolerate the currency conversion cost.

Assist foreign travelers to get payment at economic rate Due to the availability of multiple currency options, the international customers can enjoy the purchases in their own currency. We also offer the personalized services to our clients so that they can check the paid amount at the point of sale in their own currency. On the other hand, the merchants will get the payment in their local currency.

Increase the e-commerce Sales Worldwide We offer out clients to get paid in different currency modes to improve their e-commerce sales. The international customers of the e-commerce sites are allowed to process the prices of the products in their own currency and make the decision to purchase it in local currency or not. is one of the strong payment processing method to connect you with your merchant. We offer strong billing mode and management, multiple currency processing benefits, virtual portal and the mail order payment request. We also provide wide range of security and fraud management tools to the e-commerce sites.

Using the single online portal, the merchants are able to check their transaction insights with strong transaction reporting and management along with proper reconciliation. The merchants are able to check the customer’s sales, check their Credit and Debits and other information of their international customers.

Resellers or the referrals are also able to sign up for different partnership programs to increase sales of the merchants and get paid in the form of commission for product sales.

We help the merchants to enhance their business Sales We ensure that our clients can get maximum benefits from the solutions we offer. We also provide supporting solutions to help you in the identification of the target merchants and to get focused training and marketing presentations. PaymentNetworks is always available in offering best support along with the payment processing solutions to the international clients.