Payment Networks offers businesses commercial convenience with an expanded customer base. Find out more about the reliable, fast multi-currency payment process solutions we offer and take the first step towards accepting online payments.


Payment Networks is a multi-awarded payments solutions provider that helps businesses to maximize their online potential by accepting a variety of payments with swifter and more secure processes. Our company enables businesses to reach an international customer base while providing equal currency options to both merchants and customers.

Moreover, Payment Networks provides clients with world-class and comprehensive fraud prevention services.

One Secure Account

Every business that chooses to accept card payments will require a merchant account. At Payment Networks, we can set up your merchant account and provide you with the payment products required to start taking card payments.

Eliminate the middleman by centralizing your international payment operations under one provider. Payment Networks offers numbers benefits when serving as your single payment provider. For example:

  • Manage global merchant accounts with a single login
  • Reduce time and money spent accessing multiply platforms
  • Receive consolidated reports
  • Issues are resolved rapidly with our 24/7 support for clients
  • Increase your profits with lower interchange costs
  • Improve authorization and minimize risks
  • Processing rates can be reduce with fraud protection measures
  • Receive payments in real time and have better risk profile management
  • Exporting Transactions into Excel
  • Weekly Statements and enhanced online reporting

Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

There is no singular payment option for shopping around the world, and shopping in a foreign language can be intimidating for international clients. Providing multi-currency pricing and payment options boosts customer confidence, which has a more positive effect on the checkout process. Global customers have the freedom to choose their preferred currency of payment without negatively impacting on the merchant.

For example, a British customer browsing a based website that offers MCP can view prices in USD. However, the customer is given a choice of currencies in which to make a payment. If the customer chooses to make the payment in Pounds Sterling, Payment Networks MCP service ensures that the exact amount is charged to the customer in their chosen currency while the exact USD amount is paid to the merchant. There are no additional fees for this service for cardholders.

Payment Networks offers a choice of 22 currencies while settling in the local currency of your business without the need for complex bank setups. You can profit from pricing according to your local market, while providing international customers with bills in their own currency. This added convenience generates an average revenue improvement of 14% while improving the shopping experience for the customer.

Customer Benefits of MCP

  • International customers can have a “local” shopping experience
  • Instant conversion to a familiar currency for customers
  • Faster check-out experience
  • Protect against fraud in every transaction
  • Receive an accurate bill, which will be reflected on the credit card statements
  • No additional or “surprise” charges

Merchant Benefits of MCP

  • Expand to a global market without extra investment
  • Protect against fraud in every transaction
  • Provide clients with an accurate bill, which will be reflected on their credit card statements
  • Increase sales by simplifying your checkout process
  • Improve overall shopper satisfaction and loyalty without your staff
  • Minimal effort required in setup

MCP Supported Cards and Currency

Payment Networks supports the following cards and payment options:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Union Pay
  • Discover
  • Amex

Supported Currency

Base (Settlement) Currency

  • USD
  • Taiwan Currency
  • Vietnam Currency
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • SGD Singapore Currency

Payment Currency


Fraud Management

Reduce losses associated with fraud with our fraud modules that provide access to an international database record of fraudulent credit cards that is updated regularly and filtered in real-time. Payment Networks fraud protection also offers Cybersource for merchant and also access to the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) and allows merchants to operate within the guidelines of the Card Association’s rules.

Moreover, you can avoid incurring additional charges resulting from refunds to cardholders before disputes are filed. These disputes are also handled with minimal effort from your side to ensure that neither operating costs nor customer satisfaction and loyalty are affected. Customize the management rules on our risk rules engine to match your business.

The benefits of our risk and fraud management include:

  • Enhanced merchant intelligence
  • All-in-one risk-management platform
  • Global transaction monitoring
  • Custom fraud parameters
  • Fraud-management support

Our Service Infrastructure

  • Stable Service Infrastructure from Server to Network end
  • Customized development for each merchant
  • 24/7 Monitoring System and Customer Support

PCI Compliant Gateway

Our solution can save you up to 68% on your current credit card processing fees. State of the art PCI-compliant point of sale systems allowing you to accept payments, online, on-the-go, and in the office: you'll have everything you need to grow your business.

Easy Merchant Application Setup

Apply Right Now and fill up a simple application and get started with your account, at Payment Networks we are always taking care of our merchants and their needs.