We PaymentNetworks.com are the leading global credit card payments platform. We allow 1 billion users make payments using credit cards world wide. We solve payment problems of large scale companies with technology and we enable payments for end-users all over the world. We help over 100,000 merchants, including Omni Payments Online, KHADI, Asia Merchants to expand globally.

As a Merchant of Record, we provide a wide range of services for digital commerce:

Global payment coverage
Fraud and risk management
24/7 – International customer and merchant support
Advanced delivery confirmation and risk management APIs
UI/UX Customization
Customize checkout widgets and flows
Sales and Pricing Optimization
VAT and Sales Tax Management

Through our offices in Singapore and working partners in Korea and Europe, PaymentNetworks provides its merchants and their end-users support in over 07 languages. PaymentNetworks’s call centers, risk and fraud prevention divisions, and merchant support teams work 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you.


Our Awards
“Best Payment Gateway” Design by Manila Design Awards
“Best Payment System award” at the 2011 Internet Payment Conference.




PaymentNetworks Strategy Brochure.pdf